Stop Running. Start Chasing.

Maria Riding Company saw the day light for the first time in 2010, but was allready living in our hearts for years. It¹s soul goes back to a time when everything went slower but its inspiration is in the few who had the power to speed things up. That strong individualism, which can not be bought nor copied, is what most seduces Maria Riding Company.
Maria does not seek the perfect biker, even if they exist, she´s just looking for the perfect spirit for a ride together. A free, uncompromising and passionate spirit.

Creativity is an open road.

This love for sigularity approaches Mary to humble and interesting people who love the beauty and simplicity in things, know how to enjoy a good ride and always feel touched by the roaring of well-tuned cylinders. Apart from the native bikers, always attentive to detail, Maria lives among surfers, knows a lot of designers, is a friend of skaters, share experiences with musicians and exchange ideas with all kinds of creators. This influence is reflected in his work. Exclusive design motorcycles that breathe an inclusive lifestyle, without distinctions, where the thrill of sharing a common love, knocks all the differences between people.